Civil No Contact Order

Civil No Contact Order (CNCO)

What is a CNCO?

A Civil No Contact Order (CNCO) is a court order that requires the perpetrator to stay away from you. This includes your home, school, and/or workplace.

You can obtain a CNCO against a perpetrator of an act of non-consensual sexual conduct or non-consensual penetration. You do NOT need to have a relationship with the perpetrator.

What Relief is Available?

A CNCO prohibits the perpetrator from knowingly coming within a specified distance from you. A CNCO prohibits the following:

  • Physical contact such as staying away from your home, work, and school.
  • Nonphysical contact such as phone calls, texts, emails, notes, or communications through third parties.

Do I Need a Police Report?

You do NOT need a police report to get a CNCO. The process of getting a CNCO is completely independent of the police.

How Can I Stay Safe at Work?

If you were assaulted by a co-worker, your employer must enforce the CNCO and may be required to change the perpetrator’s schedule, transfer, or terminate the perpetrator to keep you safe.

How Can I Stay Safe at School?

If you were assaulted by another student, your school/university must enforce the CNCO and may be required to move the perpetrator out of your class or school/university entirely.

To learn more about the CNCO or how to obtain or enforce one, please call Life Span at 312-408-1210.

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